Cascina Val Liberata


Born in 2014 after Deirdre O’Brien and Maurizio Caffer fell in love with a corner of paradise in the hills of Monferrato, Cascina Val Liberata is an organic and biodynamic farm creating a refreshing addition to the Piemonte wine scene.

The Cascina is located next to the village of Villamiroglio, Basso Monferrato, in a biodiverse valley surrounded by forests and fields. The farm is made up of 10 hectares, of which 3.5 hectares are composed of vineyards. The remaining is made up of forest and meadows as well as walnut groves and some vegetable cultivation.

A special mention must go to Slarina, an old grape variety cultivated mainly in the wine region of Monferrato that almost disappeared due to its very low yield. Maurizio and Deirdre had the opportunity to taste some micro vinification of Slarina; impressed by its elegant aromas and tannic base, they decided to plant their first vineyard. Nebbiolo and Grignolino complete the range of varieties grown by the family in this peaceful valley.

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